The Weight-loss Program Your Body Needs To Live The Life You Want.

The ProGen Method is a European medical treatment that promises fast and safe weight loss without hunger or sluggishness so you can stop the Yo-Yo dieting and start living a healthier, happier life.  

Nutritional Facts
15g Protein
80 Kcal
Maintain Muscle Mass while you lose weight with progen method Dubai

Maintain Muscle Mass

Fast weight loss goals with progen method Dubai,UAE

Fast Weight Loss

Lose only FAT with Progen Method Dubai

Sustainable Results

Customized program when you try Progen Method Dubai

Customized Program

Dieting Dramas?
Let's Flip That Script to 'Wow, I Actually Did It!

Delivered with simplicity and convenience.

Constantly battling hunger, energy slumps, and ineffective diets? It's time to break free from the cycle and embrace a revolutionary solution.

Embrace a Holistic Transformation with ProGen Method, the European Medical Approach to Rapid and Safe Weight Loss. Say Goodbye to Hunger and Sluggishness, and Hello to a Vibrant Life!

Progen Method High Protein Low Carbs Low Fat Pancakes

Imagine a Life Where Weight Loss Isn't a Struggle

61% of individuals in the UAE who attempted weight loss in the past year were unsuccessful or only had short-term success.

ProGen Method not only focuses on weight loss but also prioritizes your overall health. Led by experienced healthcare professionals, our program includes nutritious products to support your journey leaving you more time to focus on your family or work and losing pure fat while maintaining muscle mass.

Book your complementory discovery session with our epxerts to begin your path to lasting weight loss success.

Progen Method Dubai Mushroom Soup VLCKD Diet Lose weight today

You Can Shed Up To 10kg In Just 30 Days!
No Starvation Required

Say goodbye to restrictive diets. ProGen Method offers a proven, European medical approach that ensures swift and sustainable weight loss without compromising your well-being.
Progen method Rapid & Sustainable Weight Loss Icon

Rapid & Sustainable Weight Loss

Discover rapid and sustainable weight loss while preserving muscle mass.
Personalized guidance from Healthcare experts at Progen Method UAE

Personalized Guidance from Healthcare Experts

Benefit from personalized care and advice tailored to your unique health needs, ensuring a safe and effective weight loss journey.
Tasty nutritious low calorie products at Progen method UAE

Tasty, Nutritious Low Calorie Products

Explore our extensive selection of delicious soups, shakes, desserts, and snacks, designed to support your diet and cater to your diverse taste preferences.

Getting Started Is Simple

Wondering if the Progen Method is right for you?
Book your session to help kickstart your Progen journey.


Book Your Free Consultation

Schedule a call with our experts to discuss your goals and understand how ProGen Method can work for you.


Personalized Plan Creation

Receive a customized plan, including nutritious products tailored to support your weight loss journey.


Witness The Transformation

Experience rapid, sustainable weight loss and a boost in overall well-being with the ProGen Method.


Pricing plan

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ProGen New Beginnings
Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss Package
or $199 yearly
Personalized Nutritional Planning
Gentle Exercise Regimen
Regular Consultations
Progress Tracking
Customizable based on individual goals and needs.
Get started
ProGen 30-Day Transformation
7kg Weight Loss in 30 Days Package
or $299 yearly
Intensive Nutritional Program
Daily Exercise Guides
Bi-Weekly Health Check-Ins
Progress Tracking
Customizable based on individual goals and needs.
Get started
ProGen Accelerated Slimdown
10Kg Weight Loss in 30 Days Package
or $499 yearly
Advanced Nutritional Plan
Personalized Fitness Plan
Bi-Weekly Health Check-Ins
Progress Tracking
Customizable based on individual goals and needs.
Get started

Benefits of Progen

Maintain The Weight Loss

According to the results of your genetic test, different types of food will be progressively introduced into your diet to maintain your ideal weight.

Lose Post-pregnancy Weight

Congratulations on becoming a new mom! Losing weight after giving birth can be hard, but Progen makes it fast and easy.
Personalized guidance from Healthcare experts at Progen Method UAE

Know Your Genetic Makeup

Scientifically designed to deliver results. Tailored to your specific genetic makeup and needs.

Improve Your Health

Designed to a better well-being, disease prevention, improved cardiovascular health.
Tasty nutritious low calorie products at Progen method UAE

Save Time

No more tedious meal prep, washing up, and shopping. Enjoy a complete and satisfying meal in seconds, with no cooking required.
Progen method Rapid & Sustainable Weight Loss Icon

Complete Nutrition

While keeping you satisfied. Enjoy delicious and nutritious meals that will help you reach your weight loss goals, and not feel deprived.
Discover a World Where Weight Loss Meets Simplicity – Your Journey to a Healthier You Starts Here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the ProGen Method take? Will I lose weight quickly?

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When I finish the ProGen treatment, will I experience a rebound effect?

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Is the ProGen Method safe?

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What services are included in the ProGen Method?

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In the past, I have felt very tired when following certain diets. How will I feel with this method?

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Our Progen FAQ page has all the answers you need to help you reach
your weight management goals!

Visit our FAQ's Page

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