The Progen Method

Fastest Way To Lose Weight & Keep It Off

Unlock your weight loss goals in a natural and revolutionary way with Progen Lose 10kgs in 30 days, and maintain your fitness for a lifetime. Progen provides a sustainable solution for weight loss, and make sure you never have to go on a diet again.

The Progen Method

Ready to Lose 10 kilos per month?

The ProGen Method is a medically proven way to achieve fast weight loss without hunger or feeling tired. Our ketogenic diet is based on a very low calorie intake that allows you to burn fat while preserving muscle mass. You’ll also avoid the dreaded rebound effect so you can keep the weight off for good.

Maintain The Weight Loss

According to the results of your genetic test, different types of food will be progressively introduced into your diet to maintain your ideal weight.

Lose Post-pregnancy Weight

Losing weight after giving birth has never been faster or easier. Effortlessly shed your post-pregnancy weight with Progen.

Know Your Genetic Makeup

You will be assisted by a multidisciplinary team of certified experts who will provide you with medical support as well as personalized coaching.

Improve Your Health

ProGen is a medically supervised weight loss program that is designed to a better well-being, disease prevention, improved cardiovascular health, and an unbeatable cosmetic outcome.

How does it work?

There are many weight-loss diets, but only the ProGen Method which employs Ketosis
to lose weight can help you to lose weight quickly and at the expense of fat tissue exclusively.
The goal of the ProGen Method is twofold:
Firstly, to facilitate weight loss, and secondly to help you achieve the lifestyle changes required to maintain the weight loss.
Very Low Calorie Ketogenic Diet with Progen Method Dubai
How does it work PART 1

The Fast Weight Loss Stage - Ketosis to Lose Weight

Our in-house Physicians, Dietitians, Mitochondrial Activation Trainers, and Coaches work in coordination to ensure the best results.

Very Low-Calorie Keto Diet plan

Start your weight loss journey on the right foot with Progen's first stage of treatment - a very low-calorie keto diet plan.
This plan combines Progen products with high-quality proteins and a carefully selected list of vegetables to help you reach your target weight.
With a low intake of carbohydrates and fats, your body enters a state of controlled ketosis and begins to burn stored fat for energy, preserving your muscle mass and ensuring that the weight you lose is primarily fat.

Mitochondrial Activation Training Session (MAT).

All this will be accompanied by the Mitochondrial Activation Training Session (MAT). The mitochondria are the cell’s powerhouse. Trillions of mitochondria are distributed throughout our bodies. Depending upon the number of mitochondria and their functionality, our health status and life expectancy are determined.
Your 30-minute sessions of specific exercises will functionally activate the existing mitochondria and also generate new mitochondrial cells.


In 7 Days

Target Percent

The Genetic Metabolic Adaptation & Lifestyle Stage

The second stage of treatment is just as important as the first one. According to the results of your genetic test, in this stage, we'll help you adjust to your new diet and lifestyle changes. We'll introduce different types of food to help you maintain your ideal weight based on your genetic test results.
Your diet will be tailored to your individual needs and energy needs. During this stage, you'll get to enjoy a variety of ProGen Lifestyle products that are high in protein and will help you keep up your healthy eating habits.

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