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Effective VLCK Diet Plans to Help You Maintain Your Desired Weight

Try some delicious and nutritious VLCK diet meal plans! Our meal ideas include breakfast, lunch, and dinner dishes that are both delicious and nutritious. We also have some Indian-inspired VLCK diet meal ideas, as well as snacks!
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Here are 5 reasons that make VLCK Diet better for young adults

Looking to start a low-calorie diet but don't know where to begin? Try VLCK Diet! It can help reduce obesity, improve health, enhance mental health and self-esteem, balance hormones, and help prevent metabolic syndrome. Contact Progen Weight Management and book your complimentary session today.
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Role of Protein in Weight Loss and Maintenance

Learn about the role of protein in weight loss and maintenance, including the influence on satiety, thermogenesis, energy efficiency, and body composition. Discover how to obtain adequate protein intake and meet dietary needs to maintain health and weight loss through a variety of sources.

How Much Protein Do You Need in a Day?

Learn more about the importance and quantity of protein required in a day for an individual. Discover which foods are high in protein, and how much you should consume for a healthy body weight and immunity.
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Classification of Obesity - Causes, Complications, and Prevention

Obesity is a health condition where excess fat accumulates in the body. Learn more about the different types of obesity, their associated diseases, and ways to prevent and control it.

Inflammation and Obesity: Understanding the Link

Discover the relationship between inflammation and obesity and how to break the cycle of inflammation. Learn about the two types of inflammation, the consequences of chronic inflammation, and why a healthy lifestyle is so important for reducing inflammation. Find out how the Progen Method can help reduce excess fat mass and restore balance to your body.
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Management of Diabetes Type 2 with Very Low-Calorie Ketosis Diet (VLCKD)

Get the best results for managing your diabetes type 2 with the help of Progen's Very Low-Calorie Ketosis Diet (VLCKD). Our protein products are available for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians and are produced according to the highest industry standards and quality. Lose weight safely and preserve muscle mass without the rebound effect.
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The efficacy of the Very Low-Calorie Ketogenic Diet and the Low-Calorie Diet in reducing visceral fat in obese individuals.

Learn about the efficacy of the Very Low-Calorie Ketogenic Diet (VLCKD) and the Low-Calorie Diet (LCD) in reducing visceral fat in obese individuals. Find out how VLCKD has shown better and more progressive results in comparison with LCD, resulting in improved haemoglobin levels and shortened hospital stays.

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