educes obesity: The prevention and treatment of obesity and its cardio-metabolic complications are relevant issues worldwide. Among lifestyle approaches, very low-calorie ketogenic diets (VLCKD) have been shown to lead to rapid initial weight loss, resulting in better long-term weight loss maintenance.

Better health

The proposed multiphasic VLCKD program turned out to be safe, according to liver, kidney and thyroid biomarkers. Moreover, in the patients who completed the program, a set of important improvements related to cardiovascular function and cardiometabolic disease risk has been accomplished.

Helps in maintaining better mental health and self esteem

It is shown that mental, neurological and substance-use disorders presently represent the greatest global burden of disease. Likewise, depression and other psychopathologies are elevated risk comorbidities of other health hazards, such as obesity. These can be curbed with the help of a better diet and lifestyle. Individuals who have followed a diet like VLCK have exhibited better mental health and self esteem.

Hormonal balance

Being at a healthy weight is key to balancing levels of several hormones, but a complicated diet isn't the answer. Eating fewer calories, choosing higher-quality and minimally processed foods, and drinking plenty of water are strategies with a lasting impact. Choosing a low calorie diet can help you stay in a healthier hormonal balance.

Helps prevent metabolic syndrome

By reducing weight significantly, by consuming low-calorie diets (LCD), ectopic fat is mobilized (visceral and particularly liver fat), which improves insulin sensitivity and other metabolic syndrome components, with secondary benefits for cardiac function and structure.

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January 30, 2023
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